IGEL2023 conference schedule

IGEL 2023 conference

:round_pushpin: Monopoli, Italy

Day 1 - Thu 28 Sep 2023

:loudspeaker: : IGEL intro


:studio_microphone: IGEl keynote 1

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:speech_balloon: Neil Cohn The grammar of visual narrative

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:bar_chart: IGEL poster session (:chair:Diocesan museum, ground floor)

2023-09-28T14:00:00Z2023-09-28T15:00:00Z :tv: Zoom link for poster session
1. :newspaper: Naji Al Omleh Forms and Characteristics of The Unreliable Narrator in Reading La Madre
2. :newspaper: Julia Schwerin The Influence of Paratext on Readers’ Perception of Stories and Narrative Experiences
3. :newspaper: Tina Ternes Using Networks to Navigate a Corpus of Reading-Reviews. An Explorative Study of Absorption Expressions in Different Genres
4. :newspaper: Tine Riis Andersen Shared Reading as a source of power when living with cancer: an evaluation of cancer patient’s experiences of an on-site and online reading group
5. :newspaper: Ainur Kakimova Counterfactuals in Literature: Readers’ Perception and Evaluation
6. :newspaper: Giulia Scapin Books! The best weapons in the world…against stigma. The role of foregrounding on empathy and identification with the story character, and stigma reduction of depression.
7. :newspaper: Ma. Lovena Moneva Reading in Early Childhood Settings: Promoting Socioemotional Development
8. :newspaper: Kirren Chana Reading in the City: in everyday life
9. :newspaper: Mesian Tilmatine Neurocognitive processing of textual cues in literary reading
10. :newspaper: Cristina Loi On how fiction impacts the temporal dimensions of the self-concept
11. :newspaper: Akshay Mendhakar Text mining assisted reading comprehension and experience
12. :newspaper: Toshihiko Kubota Teaching Grammar with Literature: Re-Evaluating the Two Things that Have Been Left Behind in Modern Language Teaching
13. :newspaper: Edsel Parke Narrative Identity and The Empirical Reader: A Qualitative Study of Reading and Mental Health in Australia
14. :newspaper: Madison Bunderson Exploring Brain-Behavior Connections in Narrative Engagement Using EEG Inter-Subject Correlation
15. :newspaper: Julia de Jonge (Literary Figures) ‘Breaking Bad’: Fiction Reading and Morality Shifts
16. :newspaper: Victoria Pöhls Uncomfortable Reading Experiences
17. :newspaper: Christine A. Knoop Performing Systematic Empirical Research in the Arts. A Handbook

:studio_microphone: IGEL parallel session 1


1A. :feather: The Spatiotemporal In-Between of Music and Language: POETRY - Ways to Investigate Phonemic Paths, Syllabic Rhythmicity and Metric Phenomena (symposium) :tv: Zoom link for parallel session 1A (:chair:Diocesan museum, ground floor)
:speech_balloon: 1A.1 Judith Beck Experiencing the importance of syllabic rhythmicity: Oral/subvocalizational reading of conventional poetry
:speech_balloon: 1A.2 Courtney Hilton Hearing hidden meter: How syntax shapes the perception of metrical rhythm
:speech_balloon: 1A.3 Tudor Popescu Structure-building in music and language, seen as harmony x rhyme interaction
:speech_balloon: 1A.4 Filipi Nascimento Silva Exploring the quantitative analysis of rhythmic patterns in poetry and prose through machine learning techniques
1C. :open_book: Narrative understanding :tv: Zoom link for parallel session 1C (:chair:Archeological museum)
:speech_balloon: 1C.1 Chiao-I Tseng, Emilia Djonov Children’s Comprehension of Time in Film
:speech_balloon: 1C.2 Birte Thissen Reading into Flow: Text Comprehension and Flow during Fiction Reading
:speech_balloon: 1C.3 Kobie van Krieken, Enny Das Stories of Loss: Death and the Narrative Structure of Popular Movies

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Day 2 - Fri 29 Sep 2023

:studio_microphone: IGEL parallel session 2


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:studio_microphone: IGEL parallel session 3


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:studio_microphone: IGEL general assembly

:tv: Zoom link for general assembly

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:studio_microphone: IGEL parallel session 4


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:studio_microphone: IGEL parallel session 5


5A. :brain: Literary reading and the mind :tv: Zoom link for parallel session 5A (:chair:Diocesan museum, ground floor)
:speech_balloon: 5A.1 Marloes Mak, Myrthe Faber, Roel Willems Different Kinds of Simulation During Literary Reading: Insights from a Combined fMRI and Eye Tracking Study
:speech_balloon: 5A.2 Andrew Currie Autistic Traits and Spatial Imagery in Literary Narrative Reading
:speech_balloon: 5A.3 Ewa Nagórska, Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi, Yanna Popova Time experience during reading – an experimental study
5C. :joystick: The medium and its space :tv: Zoom link for parallel session 5C (:chair:Archeological museum)
:speech_balloon: 5C.1 Bien Klomberg, Irmak Hacımusaoğlu, Neil Cohn Running through the Who, Where, and When: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Situational Changes in Comics
:speech_balloon: 5C.2 Irmak Hacımusaoğlu, Bien Klomberg, Neil Cohn Navigating meaning in the spatial layouts of comics: A cross-cultural corpus analysis
:speech_balloon: 5C.3 Rabea Kohnen, Helene Eisl, Elisabeth König Rhythm - A Central Category of Material Narratology

Day 3 - Sat 30 Sep 2023

:studio_microphone: IGEL parallel session 6


6B. :iphone: Emotion Arcs and Audience Response :tv: Zoom link for parallel session 6B (:chair:Diocesan museum, ground floor)
:speech_balloon: 6B.1 Federico Pianzola, Srishti Sharma, Frank Tsiwah A Computational Analysis linking the Emotion Arcs of Books and Reader Response
:speech_balloon: 6B.2 Jana Lüdtke, Arthur M. Jacobs On a rollercoaster with Frieder, Jim, Hazel and Harry: Identifying emotional arcs in reader responses to children and youth books
:speech_balloon: 6B.3 Andreas van Cranenburgh Annotation and Prediction of Emotion Arcs of Movies

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:studio_microphone: IGEL keynote 2 (:chair:Diocesan museum, ground floor)

:tv: Zoom link for keynote 2
:speech_balloon: Anežka Kuzmičová Q methodology, a whole-person approach to story experience

:clap: Closing Ceremony