Q methodology, a whole-person approach to story experience

:speech_balloon: Speaker: Anežka Kuzmičová

:classical_building: Affiliation: Charles University

Title: Q methodology, a whole-person approach to story experience

Abstract: How does it feel to become absorbed in a story? And how does reading compare in this regard to other story activities, e.g., film watching or listening? Self-report inquiries in this hot area tend to rely on questionnaires. In my keynote I will introduce Q methodology as an alternative to such approaches. Q methodology (“Q”) is a qualitative-quantitative technique wherein participants numerically sort authentic statements regarding a particular aspect of subjectivity. By-person factor analysis then exposes pre-existing groups sharing a distinct perspective. Interpretation of the groups (factors) draws on qualitative analyses of post-sorting interviews which elucidate participants’ own understanding of the statements. In this capacity, Q is a whole-person approach. My own examples of Q research will be based on studies in which my team and I explored absorbed story experiences with children aged 9-12, exposing Q’s suitability for the participant groups and research topics central to the IGEL community.