Research Data Repositories for Empirical Studies on Literature and Reading

Dear all,

I’m currently developing a ‘data management and sharing plan’ for the LitLab in Darmstadt (we do empirical research on reading literature, using eye tracking, EEG, fEMG, and peripheral physiology).
Are there any data repositories to publish and share research data in the area of empirical literary studies that any of you uses or can recommend?

Any feedback much appreciated!

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Hi Victoria,

I do not know of any repositories that are specific to our field (as of yet), but you could publish data in a general repository like Open Science Framework or Zenodo and then publish a short data paper in the Journal of Open Humanities Data, which would link to whichever repository you have chosen. In a way the JOHD functions as a repository for data gathered within humanities research that is made publicly available online.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Moniek, especially for directing me to JOHD!