New Master's Program: Cognitive, Digital and Empirical English Studies (CDE)

We at ACCELS are more than happy to announce that we have just started our new Master’s program on ‘Cognitive, Digital and Empirical English Studies’. The program bridges the gap between theories and methods of conversation and text analysis on the one hand and the cognitive and socio-cultural conditions of literary and non-literary, linguistic, and non-verbal communication on the other. In accordance with current, empirically oriented linguistic theories, communication is understood in many different modes, which also enables the inclusion of virtual and augmented reality and brings the spatial binding of cognition and communication into view.

This course of study is characterized above all by the fact that students are not only introduced to the theories and methods of cognitive, computer-based, and empirical research in literature and linguistics, but also apply these in increasingly independent research projects.

For more information, see the link below:

Cognitive, Digital and Empirical English Studies M.A. - RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY - English (


This sounds so good! I wish this was around when I was looking for MA programmes :slight_smile:

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