Narratives used to study emotional effects of reading

Hi all,

I am wondering whether someone has a list of (many of) the narratives used in empirical literary studies on the emotional effects of reading (broadly speaking, may include immersion/transportation, empathy etc.).

In particular, I am looking to find which modernist short stories have previously been used, but would also love to know what kinds of texts have generally been used to elicit the experiences studied.

If there is no such list already, perhaps we could create one together?

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Hi Fransina,
I’m not aware of such a list but I think it would be helpful to have it. Maybe you could start a post in #resources and we can collaborate in updating it.
I think this will need to be done manually looking at articles and their stimulus material.

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Hi Federico,

I’m indeed currently manually looking at articles and their stimulus materials, but if we can make it a joint effort, that would be great!

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Agree. Why don’t you make a shared document (Google Drive?) and post it with an announcement in #resources so that anybody who will see the post can contribute?