List of Narratives Used for the Empirical Study of Literature and Emotion

Given the growing attention to the language, content, and other particulars of texts used in the empirical study of the emotional effects of reading, it would be useful to have a list of narratives used in such study for consultation purposes. Since no such list exists yet, let us collaboratively create one!
I define “emotional effects of reading” very broadly, so that it includes any emotion, empathy, immersion/transportation, identification et cetera.

Please contribute to this Google Drive spreadsheet with the following details per narrative used:

  • Title of the narrative
  • Author of the narrative
  • Type of narrative (e.g. short story, novel, non-fiction etc.)
  • Publication Year
  • Studies the narrative has been used in
  • Any notes

If you have ideas for any additional columns to be added to the spreadsheet, do comment below.


Hi there! The spreadsheet is set to ‘read only’, so I can’t contribute.

Thank you for highlighting this issue, Lynn! I think you should be able to edit it now.