Instruction for presenters (video recording and upload)

:timer_clock: Time limits

To ensure everything runs smoothly and to minimize technical problems, we ask all presenters to pre-record their talk and send it to the organizers in advance. Each presentation video should be 20 minutes long. Below you can find a few ways and tips on how to record your presentation.

:arrow_up: Uploading

After recording your video, please DO NOT try to send your video file via email. Please upload your presentation by 30th August 2023. You can upload your video file here:

:video_camera: How to record your presentation

macOS Users

With macOS Mojave, press Shift-Command (⌘)-5 on your keyboard to see all the controls you need to record video and capture still images of your screen. Use these onscreen controls to select whether to record the entire screen, record a selected portion or capture a still image of your screen. If you haven’t upgraded to Mojave, you can record the screen with QuickTime Player.

PC users with Office 2016 or later

If you have Office 2016 or later, you can show and speak about your slides one at a time, and then save your presentation as a video. This video by Alvin Trusty shows how to record in PowerPoint with a PC (3 min):

Zoom users

Zoom has a built-in recording function for recording meetings, which can be used to record your presentation in advance of the conference. All recordings are saved locally to your computer (usually in the document folder under Zoom). The files are standard mp4 video files. You can record your presentation by creating and starting a meeting, sharing your presentation and clicking on the record button. You can pause and restart the recording as necessary. When you have finished, end the meeting and your recording will automatically be saved. More detailed instructions for Zoom recordings can be found here:

Open Broadcaster Software

The OBS Studio is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Check it out. It’s pretty cool!

Linux users

You probably have your own cool tools to record a presentation!

:pray: Credits for these instructions go to the organizers of the Conference on Computational Humanities Research